Must have travel essentials

Travel asks that we keep an open heart and mind and in many cases become more self reliant but there are always a few essentials that help to make the journey safer and more pleasant. I want to be comprehensive in my approach so the list may be a bit long but you can customize accordingly.

If its your first time, just maneuvering through an airport can be a scary thing to look forward to. Try to keep in mind that there’s always a first time for everything and with a organization and a lot of humor, everything in life can be achieved.

The basics:

  1. Passport and entry visas
  2. Travel itinerary, transfers and lodging reservation confirmations (electronic or hard copy)
  3. Cash, travelers checks, plastic, a combination of all of them. Keep an emergency cash stash separate.
  4. Airport pickup information handy
  5. Luggage (I prefer to stick to a carry on unless I’m visiting an extremely cold climate).
  6. Tags Giant, colorful, original, luggage tags that stand out in the sea of luggage.
  7. Bath and body travel set + hand sanitizer
  8. Travel first aid kit (and vaccines if your going to a country that requires it).
  9. Large bottled water (purchased after security checkpoint)
  10. Snacks and gum again purchased after security checkpoint.
  11. Music!
  12. Reading material and travel maps or at least basic tips to get around
  13. Travel journal and pen
  14. Ipad or tablet could substitute both of the above (keep it light, no laptops)
  15. Camera
  16. Device chargers and international adapter
  17. Phone (get an international sim card at the airport, its cheaper)
  18. Travel Apps 
  19. Travel pillow

Happy travels!

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