Traveling to the beat of your own drum

14th century christian church in a cave. Crete, Greece.

14th century christian church in a cave. Crete, Greece.

The tourist syndrome can be as real as apple pie if your not careful. If walking around in full khaki attire with a backpack and travel map in hand, the ubiquitous camera hanging from your sun burnt neck, is your idea of travel, it may be time to open up to a more low-key approach while visiting the places you always dreamed of seeing.

Comfort is important, don’t get me wrong, so are keepsakes such as pictures. But try your best to control yourself, or you’ll not only become a cliche, but you’ll put yourself at a higher risk of trickery. Let’s face it folks, most people are awesome. But you may want to be extra cautious around some of the characters lurking around the main tourist attractions. In some cases around popular hotels too.

Review sites and travel forums are great sources of tips from your fellow travelers. Personally, i never travel without checking out at least a couple of these sites for tips and suggestions on how on how to have fun, and avoiding preventable risks.

Thankfully, these days technology has made travel infinitely easier. There’s an app for almost everything! Find the ones that suit your needs and use them to their full extent. Learn a bit of the language, at least the basics, and before you know it you’ll be mingling with the locals, world-traveler style.

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