What drives us to travel? A brief look at the history of travel

I asked myself that question, and it was hard to determine if there was one specific thing. Some are driven by the urge to discover new frontiers, learn a new language, visit historical sites, or simply lay in the sun. Others take risky journeys in the name of love and romance. Men of commerce carved their way on the Silk Road selling their goods across thousands of miles, precursors of globalization.

Thousands flock to drink themselves into oblivion during Marti Gras, pious pilgrims make their way to Bethlehem, Mecca, and Jerusalem’s wailing wall in search of the ever elusive atonement. We travel to say goodbye to our loved ones in the process of leaving this world – if we’re lucky.  The fortunate among us have traveled for all those reasons and more.

A book’s atmosphere is owed in many instances to a village, city, country. Honeymoons, are traditionally an initiatory time for the bonds of intimacy to be fostered; they revolve around travel. There are times travel is taken for one reason and serves a completely different purpose than we had intended.  Serendipity is to be embraced during travel. I suppose in the end ‘why’ doesn’t matter. Travel will always presents us with the opportunity to grow. We just have to approach every journey with an open heart.

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