Uruguay Beach Towns Nature at its best

People are finally starting to take notice of a very special country in South America tucked between Southern Brazil and Argentina. With 400 miles of Atlantic coastline and dozens of fairy tale fishing villages and towns nuzzled among natural rock piers and pristine bays, Uruguay is fast making headlines around the world, thanks in part to its outspoken ex president and liberal social politics.

This tiny yet diverse country has something for everyone and presents travelers with tremendous contrasts depending on where they choose to go. Cabo Polonio is a fishing village settled on a wildlife sanctuary that deserves a stand-alone article to really capture its magic.

Upscale resort towns like Punta del Este, Barra de Manantiales, and Jose Ignacio offer an array of luxury hotels and rental villas, and the more bohemian low key towns of La Pedrera and Punta del Diablo offer both budget and high-end   accommodations and even something in-between like El Indio Hostel.

I’ll be posting more detailed information soon including things to do and where to stay. Stay posted!

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