Treasuring the Little Things

Lake Louise, Canada

Friends. Lake Louise, Canada

There’s no doubt travel presents us with momentous instances when we feel we’re the ‘king of the world’ perhaps imagining ourselves in a movie, taking in a city vista with infinite gratitude for being able to see something long dreamed of.

Beyond these undoubtedly amazing moments is another dimension of treasures that can be hard to grasp in the excitement of travel. Landing in a new city and making it a point to see every single site can trap us into a hyperactive burst of emotions that we need to pause and step away from, if we’re to really to make the most of a trip.

Don’t get me wrong, who could help the initial excitement of weaving through agenda packed days of sight seeing, food gorging, picture taking, selfie-sharing extravaganza? But eventually, there comes a time when we must settle down. Forget your return flight back is in 5 days. Set certain moments during travel to just Be, or your trip can quickly become a blur.

Take a good look at the locals. Breath in the air. (For me the smell of wood burning fires trigger memories of Uruguay and Canada in the winter). Try to be still. It can be in your hotel room, in a park, at the restaurant, wherever. But try to take a few moments every day while you travel to really, really, take it all in.

The real jewels of travel may occur in an instant yet touch you for a lifetime. But you’ll find them in the most unexpected places and moments in time. And if you blink to fast you might just miss them.

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