Travel- does it start in the mind?

Mind travel

At the moment we’re limited to travel on earth, but who knows? In the future we could be star hopping. For now, we have to resort to our imagination. Photo by Blair Fraser at

I hope you guys are having a fantastic evening. I know I am. It’s Friday night and its been a busy week, so i thought I’d skip my usual post. But then, after relaxing for a while with a glass of wine, I realized I had traveled to a few places in my imagination, all in less than one hour, and I was back at the keyboard in no time.

France has been on my mind more and more recently, although it was back in 2006 that I originally became pretty much obsessed with visiting Provence and Languedoc.

It may have had something to do with reading The Da Vinci Code. Those lands were also an inspiration to Van Gogh, and Nostradamus came from a tiny village in Southern France. After thinking about that region, it was quite natural to cross the border with Spain to the Pyrenees mountains. I found myself going back to a Paulo Coelho for a reference. is the fabled Santiago Path in that area? (It is). Was there a relationship between all these places? i believe there is.

We may travel because of circumstance, or go along for someone else’s ride, but sometimes, a place attracts us more intently than others. Like a magnet, it beckons us to explore its very heart.  The origin of that awareness could come from a book, or happening upon a piece of news. Something about this place is calling you. It doesn’t always have to be cataloged as a spiritual pilgrimage. In a simpler approach, some places match us on an energetic level, helping us to recharge and reconnect with our core being and purpose.

However, I’ll admit that I believe if your mental designs don’t fit the bigger plan for the good of the whole, they may never happen.  Or as is sometimes is the case, they happen, and then come back to haunt us.

With that being said, we can be comforted in the wisdom that our intuition and intentions when true, are our guide and lifeline to that greater plan that sees to it that we actively fulfill our role, no matter what that may be, or how many journeys it takes to get there.  Happy travels!

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