Mind Travel Part II

In this post, i mused on travel starting in the mind and how it relates to wanting to visit certain places and the possible reasons behind that. Today I want to talk about using the imagination and awareness to make the most mundane things seem new and inspiring, which by the way, is one of the most commonly experienced elements of travel.

When I was a kid and being fascinated by random things I don’t enjoy as much now just because they were new. Even chores like helping someone do the dishes, or running errands all day long seemed to be a chance to experience something exciting and I looked forward to it. But then again, I suppose as a child you can’t afford to not be fully present at every moment. It’s how we learn about the world and our role in it relative to our surroundings. When do we stop being present in the moment? How does this affect our health and well-being? And what can we do about it? i suppose its a gradual process that starts in childhood to some degrees and is experienced more acutely in adulthood.

For some luckily it never happens. But now a days its increasingly common. We spend our days planning for the future, worrying about it, or both. We see things and react to them based on passed experiences and could become unwilling or just not have the awareness necessary to let things go, to start fresh. I guess its just too easy to get so stuck in a set way of seeing things that it blinds us to the perspective of realizing how everything alive is constantly changing and evolving, including ourselves of course.

A wise person once told me that every moment holds the possibility of a New Year. I suppose if that is true, we’re missing out on countless opportunities for New Years through out our lives. But if we can learn to slow down, even going as far as taking things one breath at a time, we can eventually realize there is infinity in every single act.

Similarly when we fully focus our attention on the tasks at hand we can teach a wandering mind to hold steady in the truth of our most cherished dreams without wasting energy on the should have’s and have beens. Eventually we will all reach our destinations. What may matter the most is that we allow ourselves to fully experience every precious step along the way.

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