Checking in

Caves off the island of Milos, Greece.

Caves off the island of Milos, Greece.

I wish I could say I was actually checking in to board a flight but nonetheless, I’ve been making the most of my time ‘grounded’.  Not sure if I ever mentioned this travel blog being born as kind of a spin off of a series of articles I freelanced about past travels. It’s still taking shape because I really just started in May when random articles kept pouring out of my brain. I realize there’s some typos and I’ve been slowly revisiting each article and making edits but at the time, I wanted was to post them before I went into a self-critical editing frenzy that reduced each post to a single paragraph.

So a few weeks ago the bubbling fountain stopped completely. After a few days of wringing my hands, I realized it wasn’t because of writer’s block, but because I needed a solid plan. And that’s what I’ve been doing most of the summer, building a framework that will keep me focused, especially since I have a number of other projects in the works. Thankfully, I’m finally at the point where I have an outline that connects multiple projects and even better, harnesses the synergy generated by these projects into a few sources of passive income.

Ultimately, for Open heart travel, that means maximizing the amount of resources available to the traveler, from connecting to travel forums and affiliate travel sites  to direct links to sites offering the most up-to-date travel essentials.

My next trip is not until October. In the meantime, I’ll be posting about local Miami hangouts and have an entire post coming up about my experience as a tour guide during my cousin Florencia’s visit last month.

On another note, my mom is traveling to India in September and has agreed to be our guest blogger for the entire month. So stay tuned guys there’s much more to come! In the meantime, Happy travels!

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